Cross Over to HTML5 Game Development

Break into the most lucrative platform in the world by adding HTML5 game development to your current skillset. Zarrar Chishti has trained developers from a wide range of programming disciplines to cross over into HTML5 game development. Whatever your vocation, whether it be an Application Databases Systems developer or a Professional Web developer, with this book you will learn to evolve your current coding skills to become eligible for the biggest gaming platform in the world.

Benefits of
Cross Over to HTML5 Game Development

Learn by example

Rather than read chapter upon chapter on the basics of HTML5, this book uses a more effecting way by working through a challenging project. By doing it this way, the book will allow you to view the new language in its natural environment and gain a proper feel of what writing code in the language is like.

Already know a programming language?

This book uses non-condescending explanations therefore unlike other books, the explanations will not concentrate on explaining the fundamentals and basics of coding but rather go on to show how HTML5 is used in game development.

Cookbook format

This format will appeal to both first time and also seasoned developers. You will be able to see your game develop gradually from chapter 1 to the end. This will ensure you will be able to grasp the new language firmly and quickly in a encouraging format.

Media Management

Games require graphics to be rendered in an optimal and precise format; if not then the games can become slow and unplayable. You will learn techniques on graphics memory management and coding the graphics to render quickly. The book also comes with all the graphics and media required to code the game featured.

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